VAMAR LLC, Podgorica - Myrtha Pools consultant for Montenegro

"Be with us in the company of the best"

We want to share with you over 60 years of experience in building swimming pools, aqua parks, wellness and spa centers, through long-term cooperation.

About us

Vamar LLC Podgorica became in April 2021, a consultant to the renowned company Myrtha Pools located near Lake Garda in Italy. This is a great honor for our company, but also an obligation, bearing in mind that Myrtha Pools has been present on the world market since 1961, which makes it one of the oldest companies operating in the field of water sports and hobbies.

A special pleasure is the opportunity that VAMAR doo Podgorica has received through its partnership with this renowned company, to bring a new world-renowned brand through its partnership and enable its fellow citizens, investors and its use in Montenegro.

In this way, with us, all potential partners can get the best product of Italian quality and production, whether it is swimming pools for public use, competitions, enjoyment, health tourism and treatment, hotel complexes and resorts, wellness and spa centers, aqua parks and the like.

Myrtha pools

“Through a commitment to engineering and innovation, Myrtha Pools has grown into a world leader among commercial pool manufacturers. Embracing creative and architectural challenges, our practical approach and pursuit of excellence have resulted in an international portfolio that includes an enviable selection of gold medal competition venues, exciting community facilities, breathtaking hospitality pools and more. Our regular and custom pools can be found in community centers, water parks, university campuses, cruise ships, medical centers, camps and sports clubs around the world.” – By Myrtha Pools

For more information about Myrtha Pools, visit the site of this renowned company.

Let's work together

Sail with us into the wonderful water world of Myrtha!


With us you can improve your business in the following areas:

By building new swimming pools, wellness and spa centers

By building aqua parks of different types

Adaptation and upgrade of existing swimming pools, wellness and spa centers

Renovation of existing swimming pools, wellness and spa centers with the use of UNIQUE Myrtha RENOVACTION technology

You can do all this with us: